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#1 2009-07-22 08:45:55

Ishimaru Chiaki
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WARNING - Regarding cracked softwares

In graphics forums, we regularly see members asking for links to download a full version of Photoshop or any other proprietary and paid softwares (Paint Shop Pro, Flash MX, etc.) for free.

Getting such softwares without paying the license is illegal and so, it's useless to ask us for download links to full versions with cracks or keygens !  If you can't pay for the license, I strongly advise you to go for opensource alternative such as GIMP (to replace Photoshop), Inkscape (to replace Illustrator) and Blender (to replace 3Dmax) which have the same capabilities in terms of power (the graphics of this forum was made with GIMP), without any license to pay.  GIMP, Inkscape and Blender aren't only free in terms of price, but also in terms of freedom, and most of all, they are cross-platform, so they work on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and many other OS, so if in the future, you want to change OS, you won't have to change software for your graphics.  If you persist in looking by yourself for cracked softwares, it's at your own risk and peril, as you might get a buggy or infected copy !  Most of the time, taking such risks for getting a cracked version is totally pointless, as most users only use 5% of the software's potential by only combining renders and brushes and then claiming themselves as "graphics masters".

What you can do

- Asking for a shareware version.  For most paid softwares, you have the possibility to have a 30-days trial.  After the trial expired, you'll have to fully pay the license to continue to use it.
- Giving the link to the page where a shareware is available

What you cannot do

- Asking for a full version of a paid software containing cracks/keygen, without paying the license.
- Giving links for cracked versions of paid softwares
- Direct-linking sharewares.  This is considered as bandwidth theft.  You must give the link of the page containing the download link.

If a member commits a "what you cannot do" action :
- For download links, the link will be removed and the member will be warned and have one reputation star removed by a moderator.
- For members asking for cracked softwares, the topic will be locked and the member will be warned and have one reputation star removed by a moderator.

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