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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
New host, new version and more !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
Plus de détails ici

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Rules & How-to of this section

What is a design review ?

A design review is an evaluation of the design of your board, website or blog according to specific criteria, which aim to show its strong and weak points.

How to do a review request ?

First of all, you create your topic.
For the title, you must use a short title, so that there will be rooms for the request date under the (mm/dd/yy) and a tag.  Please put the request date, so we can process older requests first.

Tags will be used to indicate the progress of the review request.  Here are the tags which will be used :

[Waiting] : Request which haven't been taken in charge by an ID Design Reviewer yet
[In progress] : Request which have been taken in charge by an ID Design Reviewer
[Finished] : Request where the analysis has been delivered by an ID Design Reviewer
[Cancelled] : Request which is not up to date anymore

Par exemple :

[Waiting] Ishimaru-Design (20/01/07)
[In progress] Ishimaru-Design (20/01/07)
[Finished] Ishimaru-Design (20/01/07)
[Cancelled] Ishimaru-Design (20/01/07)

In the message content, please show us a minimum of politeness by including politeness phrases (Hello, Thanks, etc.).  Otherwise, the review won't be done !

Because the requesters don't always want the same things, please use this form :

[b]Link of your board, website, blog (very important)[/b] :
[b]You desire to have advices from the reviewers[/b] : yes/no
[b]You want an evaluation according to a scale[/b] : yes/no
[b]You want an evaluation of your site display on smartphones/tablets[/b] : yes/no

Note for those who have a Forumotion board or any other board where message buttons aren't visible to guests :
To help the reviewers in the design evaluation,we recommend you to create a test account on your board and that you give the account's IDs to allow the reviewer to log-in to see the buttons the guests can't see.

Once the request posted, be patient.  The requests must be processed from the oldest to the newest requests.  So, you will have to wait that the requests which are older than yours are done before it will be your turn.

According to the reviewer' availability, the limit in the number of active analyses (waiting or in progress) will be fixed to 3 requests.

Once the review has been delivered, your topic will be moved in the "Finished requests" section

If a request has no response from its author for more than two weeks, it will be considered as abandoned and will be archived.

Can I request for a new review ?

yes, you can do a new request, but only 2 weeks after the review's delivery.  For this, send a PM to one of the ID Design Reviewer, so he/she will move your topic back to the Review requests section.

For reviewers

When you take an review, you have to deliver it inside a reasonable delay (3 days).  If you can't deliver it on time (an unexpected event might occur), please report it in the topic, but please don't do it too often.  Try to deliver it as soon as possible, to avoid making the request poster wait too long.

If a member requests for having an evaluation according to a scale, here's an example of scale you can use :

[b]Relation with the website/forum/blog's theme[/b] : 30%
[b]Coherency of the whole design[/b] (between colors, between buttons, between colors and buttons) 15%
[b]Graphic quality[/b] (aliasing, white artifacts on edges, consistency within a same set, seamless backgrounds, etc.) : 15%
[b]Accessibility and ergonomy[/b] (text legibility, icon sizes, effect on the eyes, user-friendliness of icons and buttons) : 20%
[b]Customization[/b] : 20%

But you can also use your own scale, now that the fixed scale has been abolished

How to become Reviewer ?

First of all, you have to apply in the "Recrutement/Recruitment" section.

Then, we will submit you to an test, so we can evaluate you.  If the review satisfies us, you will be accepted in the team and you will have the rank "ID Reviewer" and the moderation rights in the reviews lab section.

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