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[GIMP] Making a border with a preexisting part

  • Author : Ishimaru Chiaki
  • Posted on : 2013-10-24 03:40:45
  • Updated on : 2013-10-24 03:47:20
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  • Type : Photomontage
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Version : 2.2.x

If you want a nice fantasy-like border around your fantasy avatar or banner, from an existing border piece, this tutorials explains, step by step, how to make it.  It is strongly recommended to have solid bases in layer and selection manipulation to follow this tutorial.

(Special thanks to Blood for the translation to English)


  1. Cropping and collage
  2. Enhancing

Cropping and collage

First of all, here's the piece we will be working with.


And here's the image we will use after having edited it


I'll only be keeping the character in the middle.

Cropping the image

Open the Wallpaper, and then go: Image > Canvas Size. Insert the dimensions as well as the offset. Seen as we'll be croping essentially the sides of the image, make sure that the chains of the right of the dimensions are seperated so as that you can edit the dimensions seperately.

You might need to repeat this a few times to get the right dimensions.

Here's my result:

Sticking the parts of the border

Since we're starting from only a part of the border, be prepared to do many copy-pastes and some rotations. We'll start with the top of the image. Open your boder as a new layer (window of the image > File > Open as Layers) and position it in the top-left corner, using the Move Tool. Don't hesitate to Zoom in to make sure you fit it right.


Then, make sure that you're on the Border layer, and do Edit > Copy, followed by Edit > Paste. Position this copy next to the original part of the border, ensuring that both pieces are aligned. Do not ancer it, instead put it as a new layer (Layers > New Layer).

Depending on the width of your image, two pieces may be enough, but if it's for a banner, you will have to repeat this operation seveal times over to fill the image's width, and each time, putting them as new layers, we'll merge them later.


Once the top is finished, paste a new part, but this time, rotate it 90° clockwise (Layer > Transform > Rotate 90° clockwise). Position it on the top-right corner and make it a new layer.  Redo Edit > Copy on this part, then Edit > Paste for the next pieces. This way, you only have to do the rotation only once.


Continue like this on both the other sides, so as to make a border which we will then enhance later.

Here's my result after framing the image:

You can now merge the layers of each side together. To this, disactivate all your layers except the ones of the side (ex: ontop) that you want to merge, by clicking on the eye next to the layers in your layers tab.


Then, do right-click on one of the visible layers > Merge Visible Layers or otherwise y can do Layer > Merge Visible Layers. In the merge dialogue keep all values unedited so as not to crop pieces off accidentally. Do this for each side.

Here's what it should look like in your Layer tab:

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