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As an Internet user living with low vision, Web accessibility is a point that is important for me and so, I try as much as possible to keep this site easy to navigate for any person wether the OS, browser, the technology or the media he uses.  These points mostly apply outside the board, except a few ones.

  • The whole presentation is managed with an external file, and a strict Doctype is used.  All of this is meant to make maintenance easier and to keep the pages lightweight for small connections and mobile users.

  • All content-bearing images use the IMG tag with an alternate text, and all decorative images are managed with a stylesheet file.[*/]

  • All font size used on this site use relative units, making text zoom possible, even on Internet Explorer.  No zoom blocking script is used on this site.

  • No content is conditioned by the use of Javascript and no text is generated with stylesheets.

  • Attention was given to text/background contrasts in order to keep texts legible.

  • If you cannot use a mouse on a non-touchscreen device, quick access links allow you to jump directly to the side menu and to the main content without harming your wrists.[*/]

  • All focus effects are kept intact.  These effects are essential for keyboard navigation users and mobile users.[*/]

  • All form fields are attached to their respective label.

  • A logical and expectable navigation is kept.