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Terms of service

Before using this site, please read carefully these following points


Wether they are tutorials or resources, all contents published on this site are the properties of their respective authors.  If you want to publish them on your site, please warn us and most of all, you MUST respect the authors' work by keeping their credits !

Your responsabilities

You are responsible of the content you post on this site and you must respect the laws and the very principles of good conduct.
Any content inciting to criminal actions (black hat hacking, warez, attacks against networks, etc.), to harm other peoples' integrity (anorexia, bulimia, suicide, etc.) and to hate and discrimination based on the age, sex, social class, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity won't be tolerated !

As this site is addressed to people of all ages, X-rated content and extremely violent content are forbidden !

In case of violation of the rules, moderation actions will apply.

You are also responsible of your account and your password !  NEVER, EVER, EVER give your password to anyone, and you MUST make sure to log out when you finished if you use a shared or public computer !  A fake coming out joke may happen very quickly !


As the website's philosophy is very close to free software, spying doesn't interest us at all.  So, you can be assured that your personal data will never be communicated to anyone, except in a context of a complaint against a bully member that commits harassment on this site.
In this case, the data will be communicated th the ISP or, if needed, to the authorities.

This site uses cookies ONLY for the purpose of making navigation easier for users, such as by automatically logging the user in when he comes to this site, or by keeping the user's display language preferences.

When you register to this site, you accept these terms of service :