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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
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#1 2012-01-04 05:37:13

Ishimaru Chiaki
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To begin the new year nicely : phpBB styles update


First of all, I wish you a Happy New Yeur 2012 and I hope that your new year had a nicer beginning than mine, for last Monday I fell on the stair landing becaise I didn't see the shoe that was lying on the floor and that was almost the same color than the carpet while the stairs were dimly lit.  This resulted in a light sprain at my right ankle and so, I worked on my PC while having my foot on a seat, with an ice bag on my ankle.  My foot is still sensitive today, but I almost stopped limping.

So, while I was having the ice bag on my ankle, I updated my phpBB3 styles to make them compatible with phpBB 3.0.10 that was released a few hours earlier.  As the codechanges were quite minor, thanks to the template inheritance, my revisions were validated on a few hours after I submitted them.

So I just updated them (+ the style infos on the site and the board) and I sent the links to  Now all is left is the update on

Talking about phpBBHacks, I announce you that I finished second on's Top 5 Style authors of 2011, as you can see on this link.

In the next news, I'll give you some news about the progress of the site's future version, for the Holidays aren't the best period for coding.

Ishimaru Chiaki


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