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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
New host, new version and more !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
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#1 2011-10-23 08:08:16

Ishimaru Chiaki
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phpBB3 style updates... at last !

After three months of waiting that looked like an eternity to me, the last pending style on has finally been approved yesterday !

Following this approval, I just made some bugfixes in my archives while comparing with the ones from, in order to release these updates here and on other phpBB-related sites.

All styles have just been updated here and a PM containing links has been sent to

Regarding Prostylize styles

On the same time, I must bring your attention to a change in the available styles since the release of ColorizeIt support on
This module which is now integrated within Titania which is the platform that runs's customization database, allows colorizing any style that supports it.  This means that a style that is originally blue can be obtained in green, red, violet, yellow, etc. in a few clicks !

This makes that all Styles authors who made styles having variants (such as my Prostylize styles or CyberAlien's AcidTech and Hestia styles), me included, had to choose one variant to keep for each style set.

But in my case, even if Prostylize Darkgrey is the most downloaded variant, grey colors cannot be colorized.  I thus had to choose between the red variant and the blue variant.  I finally chose the blue variant because it is more downloaded than the red one, and because blue is more all-purpose than red.

So, if you want the grey variant, you will have to go to the following link, then use the "Change colours" link in order to desaturate the blue colors : … _darkblue/

And news from the website's future version

And for those who don't follow me on Twitter, here are some news.

Even if it didn't progress as fast as I could wish, the public part is almost finished and I began working on the admin part for which the homepage is done and the resources part is currently in progress.

When the coding will have progressed enough, some testing will be possible and I thus will be able to take a few screenshots in order to give you a glimpse of the future version.


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