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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
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#1 2010-04-28 10:56:10

Ishimaru Chiaki
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For soon : Big rush of styles corrections


It's been a while I didn't give any news even thought I am regularly connected.

First of all, and this news is directly related to this, I upgraded my Firefox to the version 3.6 on Ubuntu.  But the first days after the upgrade, I began to notice that there was something wrong : My PNGs were darkened or had weird colors !

I test with the Windows XP version of FF 3.6, to figure out that this issue doesn't happen with this version.  I test with different parameters, such as the gamma that is known to cause darkening issues under Internet Explorer, to figure out that if I don't save the gamma (as I always did in order to prevent rendering issues under IE), it doesn't render well  under Firefox 3.6 !

So I go for investigation on Geckozone, Alsacréations and QuébecOS.  I then figured out that it varied from one OS to another, or from one version to another, or even from one Service Pack to another !  Even if I could disable the gfx.color management.mode in Firefox's settings in order to not have the issue on my side, this didn't fully solve the issue since many people have this setting enabled.

Then a few days after, someone from QuébecOS notifies me a reply that has been posted in my topic on Alsacréations and that talks about ICC profiles (for colors management).  So I do some research about this, to finally learn that PNG images that are destined for webdesign must have a sRGB ICC profile to display correctly.  Since the default Gimp installation I have on Ubuntu 9.04 doesn't include any .icc file, I had to download one in order to correct my pics.  I cound fine one at this link and then, I tested on a pic that had rendering issues, to figure out that it really fixed the color issue under Firefox and so, it now renders well in all browsers.  If I have some time, I'll write a small tutorial about thsi in the Gimp tutorials section.

But since I made a lot of styles with a lot of PNGs, this makes me have to update them all in order to correct rendering issues.

So, you'll have to expect a mass update, and this includes an update of my Forumotion skins that are on Hitskin, so this means that I'll have to have them deleted, then send the updated versions (anyway, an update will be welcomed, some buttons are missing since the last Forumotion updates)

For now, I already updated this site's default style and my portfolio's style, and I took the opportunity to convert several pics to GIF format when it's possible (this means if there is no perceptible quality loss), in order to reduce the pics' total weight at the same time

Other news

Besides the PNGs colors issues that I could finally solve, and the massive style updates that are coming, I have other things that keep me busy on the Net.

Given the fact that I have limited resources face to bot attacks and I can't install plugins or edit HTML code, I plan to move my French blog from SOSBlog to a Wordpress blog hosted on Servhome.  It's been already a few days since I started testing Wordpress and the theme is almost finished (still the link colors to darken a bit - recommended by Gimp-Attitude's admin).

I'm also having a request that is going not so well, in order to modify one of my styles for a phpBB3 that uses the phpBB-SEO premod.  By the fact that I have never touched to this premod, I'm messing around just in order to be able to test on my localhost and I currently have an open topic on the support forum.

I also habe a quite big MOD in development for Connectix Board (this site's bulletin board system).  This consists in an advanced stats page, and right now, I am stuck in a detail and so, I sent a copy of the files and modifications to Martin (CB's developer).  It's only once I finished coding it that I will be able to publish a beta of the MOD on the French (and only) support forum.

And by the way...

While I was viewing my site's traffic stats, I learned that some of my Gimp tutorials are now referenced on the French Mandriva Linux Community's Wiki.  A few months before, I saw my tuts being referenced on a French blog where the author gathered a lot of GIMP tutorials websites.
This proves that my tuts are appreciated and that if we adopt an "open source" attitude - this means keeping the tutorials accessible to everyone - we have much more chances to be referenced, particularly in websites that are related to opensource/free softwares, and I mean "free" as in "free speech" and not as in "free beer".  In my book, it's this attitude that we must keep in mind when it comes to promote a free software and teach newbies how to use them, because it's throught sharing that we transmit our knowledge and that we help free software to take a place face to their proprietary equivalents.  How could we adopt a software if there is now available or accessible documentation ?  For me, the choice is already done.

Hum... finally I spread much more butter on my toast than I expected. (this comes from a French expression that means that we wrote a lot)

Stay tuned for future news about the progress of the styles updates !

Ishimaru Chiaki


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