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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
New host, new version and more !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
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Rules & How-to of this section

HTML page reviews ?  What's that ?

HTML pages reviews consist in evaluation of the HTML/XHTML and CSS code of a Website's pages, in order to reveal the strenghts to maintain, and the weakness to improve.  It's kinda like the Design reviews lab, but instead of evaluating the graphical part of a website, the evaluation is concentrated on its HTML and CSS code.  This is aimed to help the webmaster to correct his errors in his code, and to optimize it, in order to have a cleaner code as the final result.

How can I make a request ?

First of all, your website must respect a few conditions before your request is accepted :

  • You must have coded your website from A to Z.  We don't accept request for websites, forums, blogs who have been built with a CMS (joomla, drupal, xoops, wordpress, dotclear, phpBB, etc.), or with a free forum, website or blog made in 1 minute (forumotion, invisionfree, sosblog, skyblog, blogger, etc.).  The only exceptions who can be accepted are for templates you coded yourselves. Full-Flash sites aren't accepted as well.

  • Your HTML must be hand-coded according to a valid Doctype (HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 or HTML5).  So, websites who have been fully built with *cough cough* Frontpage *cough cough* or any other WYSIWYG editor or with an extremely archaic coding with a bunch of tables and formatting tags without using CSS won't be accepted !  If it's your case, you first have to learn HTML/CSS (preferably XHTML 1.0 or HTML5) and recode your page before thinking about making a request..

  • To make sure we can examine your website's code, it must be available online.  If it isn't online yet, wait until you put it online before you post a request.

  • Your website mustn't talk about illegal subject (warez, piracy, nazi, hatred against minorities such as non-White, people of other religions, gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc.), have pornographic or commercial content.  Online casinos, money games websites and sponsorship links are forbidden as well.  For these cases, the link will be censored and the member warned or banned.

If your website doesn't respect one of these conditions, your topic will be locked and moved to the basket.

If your website respects all these conditions, you can post a request.

When you post your request, please put your website's name, your request's date (mm/dd/yy) and a [Waiting] tag in your title.

The following tags will be used for your request's evolution. :

  • [Waiting] : Requests who are waiting to be taken in charge

  • [In progress] : Requests who have been taken in charge

  • [Done] : Request for which the analysis has been delivered

  • [Cancelled] : Request who became obsolete

Next, in your message, please show a minimum of politeness (hello,  hi, good afternoon, thanks, etc.).  Requests without any of these politeness phrases will be declined.

In order to help HTML reviewers, please use this review request form :

[b]Site name[/b]
[b]Website link[/b] (very important !)
[b]Currently used Doctype[/b] (HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, HTML5)
[b]You want us to examine[/b] : HTML only / HTML and CSS / CSS only
[b]You want this following kind of review[/b] : w3c validation errors correction only/Code evaluation only/Both
[b]You want an evaluation according to a scale  ?[/b] Yes/No

Note : Before you post a request for a w3c validation errors correction, you must first have submitted your page into the validator and corrected as many errors as you could correct.  If you could correct all errors, you don't need to request for a correction.
W3C Validator's link :

Once your request is posted, take note that the requests will be processed according to the request date, so you will have to wait until older request have been done before we take your request in charge.

According to the HTML reviewers' availability, the max number of active reviews (waiting or in progress) will be limited to 3 requests

Once the review is done, your topic will be moved to "Finished analyses"

Can I request for a new review ?

You can make a new request only two week after your previous review request finished.  You must send a PM to a coder, so we can move your topic back to the reviews requests section.

For reviewers

When you take a review in charge, you have to deliver it within a reasonable delay (3 days).  If you are unable to deliver it within the delay (some unexpected events might happen), please report it, but don't do it too often.  Try to deliver it as soon as possible, to avoid making the request poster wait too long.

If a member requests for an evaluation according to a scale, you have to use a scale on 100%.  This scale may vary according to the requested evaluation.

To give you an idea, here is an example of scale for an evaluation of the XHTML and CSS code

[b]Appropriate use of tags[/b] (abuse of divs or span, tables for layouts, frames, etc.) : 15%
[b]Accessibility - Applications[/b] (Flash, Java, Javascript vs disabling these applications) 20%
[b]Accessibility - XHTML[/b] (skip links and internal navigation links, accesskeys on important links, label linked to the fields in forms, use of img tag with alt text for text-bearing images) : 15%
[b]Accessibility - Styles[/b] (legibility of texts and use of relative sizes, icon sizes, effects on the eye, contrasts) : 15%
[b]Page speed[/b] (CSS on top, JS on bottom, sprites for decorative pics) (25%)
[b]General ergonomy[/b] (easiness to navigate in general) : 10%

But you can also use your own scale.

How to become a reviewer ?

You must first post your candidature in the "Recrutements/Recruitments" section.

Next, we'll give you a test review in order to evaluate you.  If the review is satisfactory, you will be accepted and you will have the "ID Code Reviewer" rank and moderation rights in the XHTML reviews section.

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