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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
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#1 2010-10-21 02:04:41

Ishimaru Chiaki
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New captcha on Ishimaru Design

I announce that from today, any user who want to register or post as guest on this board will have to pass a new captcha type in order to prove he/she isn't a spambot.

Goodbye image with numbers, welcome Q&A !

The old captcha consisted in a picture showing numbers you had to type in a field.  It's well known that sooner or later, this protection ends up being bypassed, as spambot programmers keep improving their program in order to keep polluting bulletin boards, blogs and websites.

Even if Connectix Boards is far from being as much widespread as the giant phpBB for which the last GD captcha improvements were bypassed after 1-2 months, we mustn't forget that CB keeps spreading and so, the spambot programers are getting interested by these boards and so, we already begin to see an increase of spam.

From this situation, I coded a MOD that replaces this old captcha by a question/answer-type captcha that can be configured in the ACP.  After debugging and local testing, this MOD has just been installed on this forum.

The spam issue wasn't the only point that motivated me to code this MOD.  While doing support on CB's support forum, I saw reports about numbers not being displayed at all, making registration impossible.  In addition, if a blind user tried to register, he couldn't do it as there was no alternative for him/her.  The Q&A-type captcha thus solves the accessibility issue at the same time.

For Frenchies who have a Connectix Boards forum and who are interested, this MOD is available here

The question/answer will be changed every 2 or 3 months.


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