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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
New host, new version and more !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
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#1 2009-12-25 04:27:33

Ishimaru Chiaki
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Merry Christmas ! + Some news

For those who still come regularly, I wish them a Merry Christmas 2009 !

Now, I'm going to give some news about me :

There won't be a second admin finally

I already mentioned in a previous news that I would contact someone I was seeing as my second admin, but unfortunately, that person couldn't take the position, as he was about to get a job - and this came true - and so, with this new part-time job and his studies, he has even less time to come.

GFX requests always come by groups

I also had two big requests, and one of them was a paid request.  The paid one concerned a French Japanese culture website for which the admin was developing a board that will be integrated to the website (coded in ASP.NET instead of PHP) and so, he needed a webdesigner to make the layout for the new module using the existing design.  The design is now integrated and the forum is at its final touches step.
Concerning the free one, this concerned LuLu's board that needed a renewal concerning the style, since the old theme was getting old.  Like for the paid one, the design has been finished.

Connectix Boards 1.0 is showing up !

At the begining of December, the Connectix Boards 1.0's beta version has been unveiled and bug hunting has been opened.  So, I participated as a beta-tester.  For Frenchies, the beta forum link has been given in the French version of this news.
Ishimaru Design's development will thus be done according to CB 1.0's stable release, even if I plan to do some minor modifications, such as implementing the use of BBCodes in the styles pages using CB's engine.  For the same reason, MODs and skins development has been suspended, except for fixes.

The last but not the least : the Christmas gift !

And I finish with what will be the Christmas gift : New phpBB3 (non-Forumotion) styles will be available soon !  Right now, the Id_ProXmas style has been already released, and the Id_Provalentina is under development.  I also plan to port the three Stylize styles to phpBB3, as prosilver-based (with pro as prefix), just like the xmas and valentines styles.  I don't exclude the possibility to port them to subsilver2 as well, so that's why I use prefixes ("pro" for prosilver, "sub" for subsilver2) to indicate the used base style.

so, at the end of the holidays, you should see the website with even more content, and in addition, I also have tutorial ideas.

See you after Epiphany Day (Kings' Day), but I will come regularly to make sure the board is clean from spam (even if I can count them on a hand since the migration to CB), and also to reply to support requests for my styles.

Ishimaru Chiaki


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