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Welcome to the new Ishimaru Design website !
New host, new version and more !
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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
Nouvel hébergement, nouvelle version et encore plus !
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#1 2009-11-12 08:23:35

Ishimaru Chiaki
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I'm still alive, LOL + Pro_ubuntu on phpBBHacks

Hello everyone, and as you might have noticed, I wasn't very present during tha last weeks, and there are a few factors that didn't help it out..

A release that didn't start well

As it happens often in Web development, there are always some unexpected events when we develop and so, even if I knew that I couldn't finish the URL Rewriting's implementation before the new (and present) release for local server settings reasons, I ended up with more debugging to do than I expected.  And by the way, I recently discovered a bug that remains in the website's admin pages.  If I moved the release date a few days later, I think that I would have had more time to polish it a little more... and I wouldn't have had that power outage I had at 3am while I was doing this maintenance, even thought I didn't know before that a power network maintenance was planned by my town.

After my penguin's swine flu, Blood's laptop breaks

I have set the release date just after Blood's return from holidays, so that he could be present the release day in order to facilitate the site's relaunch,.  But another unexpected event occurred : After my Ubuntu crash, it's Blood's turn to have PC problems as his laptop broke down and so, he has no internet and cannot have it repaired for now, and so, he can come only if he goes to a netcafe (right expression ?).

And activities outside Ishimaru Design

Meanwhile, after I had good comments about my small Gimp introduction tutorials's clarity, I started writing a Gimp 2.6 big-tutorial on Le site du zéro, in order to offer Gimp lessons based on the software's latest stable release, and that begins with basic bases so that the beginner can get well started, while being as clear as possible.  This demands a lot of energy, because I have to first organize the course plan and then, from one sub-part to another, writing it down and formatting text, then test under Gimp in order to take screenshots, then prepare the screenshots (by cutting off useless parts) before inserting them in the lesson's pages.  Right now, I finished the chapter 3 and it's under proofreading, before I start the chapter 4.  The course will be published under a Creative Commons license, in order to facilitate the sharing, translations (for now, it's only in French) and adaptations while asking to respect the attribution (quoting the original author).

Meanwhile, I have been contacted by email by a webmaster of an Asian culture website to request me to create the graphic charter for the forum module he's developing, my work consisting into making the pics, then doing the XHTML/CSS coding.  By the fact that this request is a paid one, I have to pass this request in priority.  Right now, the request is almost finished and there are only a few remaining details before I send the archive then receive the payment.

And as it happens to me often, when I have a request, it rarely comes alone, as I have a new FM theme request from lulu in order to replace that old style I made almost two years ago and that I now find too "generic" anyway, as I acquired more webdesign knowledge ever since.  I can always recycle the old style by depersonalizing it to make it shareable (should do it also for that old ID yellow style too...).

I also worked on new CB skins where I could test IE8 CSS hacks and color combinations.  You can view them on my test board by logging in with these ID : test + test00
(for those who don't speak French, here's the path once locgged : Données personnelles > Paramètres de présentation > Skin à utiliser > (you select the skin name) > Envoyer).

And Ishimaru-design itself ?

Even if I'm quite busy, I want to look for solving some issues, such as the staff's composition in order to name someone that has a good availability and can help me in the management since Blood hasn't gotten sorted out regarding his PC issues.  I already have my idea and I'll contact the person in questoin.  I'll also look for correcting that bug that bugs me (lol, sounds funny in the way it's said), and also for updating my Forumotion skins in order to take into account the latest updates that merged the gallery style elements with the main style elements (which I find much more logical now).

Then, about the development, I already have some evolution projects, such as the page numbering system for the Gimp tutorials and forum styles pages, in order to avoid having 10km long pages.
And then, if CB's next version arrives before New Year (which Martin, the CB developer, hopes himself) and my tests confirm that it's stable enough, the forum can be upgraded at the same time as I work on the website's development.  I will make you participate to beta-testing by upgrading the live test board I use for styles demo.  I'm already impatient to test this version that will bring up the possibility to split and merge topics and to set up the board's timezone for gests.

And now, a small news !

Lately, I submitted my "Pro_Ubuntu" style for phpBB3 boards to have it published on which is the biggest phpBB community dedicated to MODs and styles for phpBB2 and phpBB3.  I received the email confirming that my style has been validated two days ago and so, it's now available at this link :

This style is now available and up-to-date at the following websites outside ID :

I am already preparing the style for the 3.0.6 version of phpBB which is right now at its RC4 version, and I apply the modification, if there any, at each RC, so it will be ready to be submitted to validation on the different phpBB websites as soon as the 3.0.6 stable version is released.

Here, I think that's all for tonight.  I'll give some new as soon as I have any, and if I have some time.


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