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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
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#1 2009-09-20 08:28:14

Ishimaru Chiaki
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Darkgrey skin now available for FM-phpBB3 !

Sorry for the time it took for this skin.  I have been busy a lot by several things outside skin adaptations, so I only had a little time to work on it.

Firstly, I'm having a Forumotion skin request outside ID.  Secondly, my Dad's P4 had yet another virus (next time, I'll install Noscript on his PC, with all those fake antivirus ads that pollute the Web...) and so, he's using a spare PC where Windows XP was cramped a lot in the disk where it's installed.  This problem was bugging him for a long time, then while looking inside the spare PC, we found out the first of the two hard drives was partitioned into two disks, so there were 3 visible disks under Windows Explorer.  But I attempted something to wipe out the extra partition in order to grow the remaining partition where XP is located.  All went well except for the filesystem that hadn't changed size, and all of this caused me a lot of anxiety, as I freakin' HATE doing tech support for my father because I have no patience with him >.<.  I was hesitating between repairing and cleaning XP (for which I never learnt to do it) or reinstalling it (the drivers issue made me hesitate - and explaining to a hesitating father when we have anxiety disorders...), but finally, Mom took charge of it, then formatted the disk and reinstalled XP, the option that I preferred since the spare PC needed a formatting anyway.  This episode kept my mind very busy and I'm now glad that everything is behind me now.  And finally, I'm about to finish working on a small French bar forum for my old Forumotion and HOL contacts (but it won't be forbidden to new French people to enter it), and only a small detail remains before I move the forum (hosted on Ishimaru Design's FTP account up to now) to its final FTP account.  Since the board is French, only people who speak French will have the link.

Now, enough of off-topic, let's go for the main subject.

As I stated, I have just released the FM-phpBB3 version of the Stylize Darkgrey skin which is certainly the most waited adaptation.  Like the two other adaptations, it's available only as ZIP archive for now.

I also corrected some small details I forgot in the FM-BB3 adaptations of Stylize Darkred and Valentina.

Now, all is left is Stylize Darkblue, then I'll take a break from skin adaptation.


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