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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site d'Ishimaru Design !
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#1 2009-08-21 10:48:32

Ishimaru Chiaki
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Forumotion styles update

Having begun working on an adaptation of one of my styles for other Forumotion versions, by the fact that some people requested them, a reorganization of my archives became necessary, because it isn't very easy to manage when you have 4 derivatives of a same style for phpbb2, phpbb3, punbb and invision, and in addition to that, each of them have two derivatives, in French and English, and so, you end up with 8 archives to manage for a same style !

So, I reorganized the existing style archives in order to merge the English and French version of each style in one archive.  So, in the archive's root directory, you have the multilingual buttons such as folders and mod buttons, then you have a directory for each language (/fr/ and /en/), where you find their version of buttons for which the text is different depending of the language, and in each of these subdirectories, you'll find the /install/ directory where you'll find the HTML documents containing the colors list and the pics correspondances.

I also took the occasioni to touch up my .XCF files, save a .PSD copy, then include them in the style archives, by the fact that the updates that came after I retired from Forumotion staff caused many changes that I have to take into consideration, such as the fact that most navbar links can now be hidden to guests and members, and the fact that the personalized profile management makes possible to add new contact buttons such as Jabber for example.  These files will thus facilitate the customization.  You can find them in a folder named /contrib/ ( habit) and which is just beside the /en/ and /fr/ directories.

When will the adaptation be released ?

Even if the adaptation of one of my styles (Valentina) for Forumotion-Phpbb3 is almost finished, I might not be able to release the first adaptation before September, because I have something that is more urgent than adaptations right now.  In fact, I have a Wordpress to Drupal style adaptation from a QuébecOS member that is still not finished, and his website will open next month and so, I have to finish it before doing anything else, in addition to the fact that I have to deal with shoulder problems that made me resume my physiotherapy treatments and so, I have to moderate my geekish activity.  As soon as my adaptations will be ready for release, I'll also update the forumotion styles pages, in order to permit you to choose the version so you can view the styles corresponding to the forumotion versoin.  The code is already written and tested on my computer.

I will inform you about this in a future news. smile


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